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Farrell's Springfield Head Coach Bianca JonesBianca Jones: Head Coach

Hi! My name is Bianca. It's crazy to think of my life long battle with my weight! I was always active in high school and doing sports and theater none stop. By the time I went to college, I was underweight so I gained weight like crazy. Finally, I thought I had it all together just in time to leave college and join the real world. I was maintaining my weight during the first year out of college but then I switched jobs and it all went downhill quickly.

My previous job was high stress and fueled by sugar (candy, pop, you name it - I ate it!) and I was surrounded by negativity. It was not an area to grow. A girl that I worked with told me about Farrell's and that it was a great group environment and to try it out. So I signed up for the January session in 2013 and remember thinking "This is not going to be my cup of tea". I went to all my classes and at 5 weeks, I was already down 10 lbs. I thought "Maybe this is it, my true turning point". I was hooked and loved coming to class every day and found an extra burst of energy in my day. I loved not having to eat sugary crap at 2pm every day. At the end of my 10 weeks, I was down 20lbs total and was jumping with joy!

I continued my journey because there was more to come and I had a ways to go. I started instructing and coaching and really getting into health and fitness more every day. Now exercise is what keeps me sane! I love working out! I understand that my body is most important and that I am what I eat. This has been the best thing I have every done to turn my life around and kick start my body. Not only am I healthier but I have met so many wonderful people through this that are life-long friends, and I continue to meet so many amazing people!

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